Donations & Legacies

The Centre is not just a building but provides a meeting place for the people of Madeley and surrounding areas.  People are learning new skills, finding new friends and getting involved in volunteering, giving them purposeful activity.

It was built through funding from many different charities and through the hard work of numerous volunteers.  Now we are open for business, we need to ensure we have the money to keep us open and to maximise the positive work we are doing in the community.

All donations or legacies will be used to improve our facilities and equipment, encourage and support local groups and individuals to use the Centre, promote the Centre activities or help towards everyday running expenses and will be very gratefully received.

One way to donate is through the Lyme Lottery. You have the chance to win large cash prizes (much more chance of winning than with the National Lottery) and, if you specify The Madeley Centre as your chosen charity, we will receive 50% of the money you spend. We are trying to plug the gap caused by the withdrawal of local authority funding for the Children’s Centre, and your participation in the lottery could make a big contribution towards us doing this. To buy tickets please click this link:

Please contact the Madeley Centre Manager Tel. 01782 751808 if you wish to make a direct donation or a bequest from your will.