As a “Friend”:

  • You will be the first to hear by email about new events.
  • You will receive the latest newsletters.
  • You will be invited to special Friends Events.
  • You will get Friends Discounts on events
    e.g. Sunday Music at the Madeley Centre
    tickets for £7.50 instead of the normal £10.

We are hoping that “Friends of the Madeley Centre” will develop into a Social Club with its own Events Group, which organises events with wide appeal.

To become a “Friend of the Madeley Centre” and receive information about future events at the Centre please fill in a form in the Centre or send your name and email to Wendi Vyse 01782 751808 email:

We are committed to using your personal information responsibly and will not pass it on to other organisations. To read our policy on data please click this link: Madeley Centre Privacy Policy.

If you have good organising skills, you might also like to join the “Friends Events Group” to help arrange social and entertainment events based on the Centre. These might include such things as: music events, dances, beer festival, fun days and Friends excursions. If you would like to consider helping with events please contact: Steve Hurd, Chair of the Management Committee, 07773 972601 email: